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This journal is completely friends only. Comment and I just might add you.
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(Anonymous) 2006-07-20 08:25 am (UTC)(link)
Im prepared XD


(Anonymous) 2006-07-28 07:00 am (UTC)(link)
hey lisa,
this is robert, just tryin out here:)
have a good one xoxo

[identity profile] 2006-11-12 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sure you are not a freak, just individual to your own ideas and perspectives. You sound pretty cool.

and btw, i thought your hair looked pretty awesome

<3 lovey

[identity profile] 2006-11-12 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm willing to be ur friend if you will be mine..:)

[identity profile] 2006-11-13 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you, you're really nice!


[identity profile] 2006-11-14 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for saying I'm nice..But i was just insanely worried about sounded so upset..but thx :)

[identity profile] 2007-01-04 06:26 am (UTC)(link)
hi lisa.
my name is lisa too.
i saw your nice comment to me in the 30secondstomars community.
hope it's ok to friend add you.


[identity profile] 2007-05-28 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
Roses are red
Violets are blue,
I luv yummy stew.
In the door I flew
To taste the fiery brew.
Oh my, what do I see?
That fills me with glee?
Surely it's a muffin
Full of chocolate stuffin,
Oh, my heart is puffin
For that lovely muffin.

Re: Muffins

[identity profile] 2007-05-28 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
hey Mikey! Thanks for your rad comment XO

Re: Muffins

[identity profile] 2007-05-29 07:41 am (UTC)(link)
Well, you know how I get about muffins.

[identity profile] 2007-06-21 12:49 pm (UTC)(link)
i'd love to be your friend.
[i found your journal, by clicking on my interests in my profile, specifically TWLOHA]

[identity profile] 2007-06-22 11:38 am (UTC)(link)
Hey Brinna! Nice to meet you!!! TWOLHA is awesome.


[identity profile] 2007-06-22 05:53 pm (UTC)(link)
definitely. my best friend and i love it, we're buying matching tshirts. =]

[identity profile] 2007-12-01 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah sure :) I'm Lisa, nice to meet you!

[identity profile] 2008-01-17 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
Add me, betch. It's Spaz.

You can read my LJ first to find out just how fucked up I am - mine's pretty much public. Then we can be deranged together. Sexy fun time.

yo lisa

[identity profile] 2008-03-20 01:32 pm (UTC)(link)
after that amazingly long 2-hour chat with you i've decided maybe i should be less of a sloth and do something about this whole lj thing, so that's why i'm leaving a comment.
so. add me.
ok. this is the end of my message.
i am going back to my fantasy land.

Re: yo lisa

[identity profile] 2008-03-20 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Awesome PX! I never though you'd get on here. I've friended you, now friend me back!

[identity profile] 2008-07-03 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
Hello <3

I was just wondering if you went to mlc school, at some point of your life <3 Just wondering xD And can I friend you if you are? xD

[identity profile] 2008-07-03 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, sure. I still go to MLC School (though not for much longer). And of course you can friend me? Can I ask if I know you in real life?

[identity profile] 2008-07-03 06:30 am (UTC)(link)
*friended* 8D

I honestly have no idea... Which house are you in? (I'm guessing Abbythrope, xD)


[identity profile] 2008-07-03 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
thank you I still got to fix my
story my friends checking it though

hope you read the next chp

[identity profile] 2009-03-05 09:37 am (UTC)(link)
You live in Sydney?!
AND you go to MLC??


I used to be but i changed my account (obviously because I forgot my password...)


[identity profile] 2009-03-30 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
hey this is Alison
i started using LJ again so just want to keep in touch
add me..?

[identity profile] 2009-03-30 09:19 am (UTC)(link)
Hi Alison! I've missed you!!!